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“Reliability with high Quality”


Reliability & Quality


  • A Basket Mill for batch grinding with hydraulic lift , variable speed and cooled basket.
  • The combination of dissolving impeller and grinding disc provides outstanding dispersing and grinding results within a short time and with less power consumption.
  • This combination creates suction and expulsion flows ensuring that all the base product passes through the grinding basket chamber many times during the operation and is continuously and uniformly processed.
  • The double walled basket is cooled with water , thanks to double walled basket together with the water jacketed production vessel it is possible to perform very effective and efficient batch temeperature control.
  • Since no pumps, hoses , pipes, valves and additional vessels are used, cleaning is very easy and quick change of the mill base is possible. The production process can be done from start to finish using the same production vessel.
  • Processing is done in a closed production vessel without evaporation of solvents and with practically co product loss. Environmental pollution has also been prevented.

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Motor Power (kW)Production Vessel Capacity (lt)Grinding Basket (lt)


Areas of Applications;

  • Chemical Industry
  • Paint and By
  • Products
  • Industrial Paint
  • Decorative Paints
  • Construction Paints
  • Epoxy
  • Agriculture Chemistry
  • Cosmetic Industry