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AKO®️BUTTERFLY Variable Speed Butterfly Type Mixer

  • Hydraulic lifted variable speed mixer platform type or floor type butterfly mixer for use of high viscosity , thixotropic and thermosensitive products.
  • The dispersion disc and the butterfly mixing appliances (with scraper) can be adjusted to the desired value during the operation by means of frequency inverter.
  • The butterfly mixing tool is equipped with SCRAPER blades and can easily installed or removed.
  • The mixing shaft with mixing appliances is automatically centered to the production vessel by means of the guiding shaft.
  • The mixing disc / impeller can easily installed or removed to the mixing shaft end.
  • Safety and operation control is possible during whole production process.
  • List ItemWith vacuum lid / vacuum appliances for production under vacuum.

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Areas of Applications;

  • Chemical industry
  • Paint and by-products
  • Industrial paints
  • Decorative construction paints
  • Construction paints
  • Epoxy
  • Pesticides
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Cosmetics industry
  • Food products
  • Cakes