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Reliability & Quality

About Us

Was founded in 1970 by Murat Gökkaya and have been serving various segments of the industry. They have established a firm position for themselves in the industrial world thanks to their commitment to quality in all segments they have been serving.

Gökkaya Makina, being fully conscious of the importance of meeting the expectations of their customers at the highest level, have been very selective in their investments and manufacturing processes. They have been using CNC production machines since 1995 in order to assure their quality consistently at the highest levels and at the same time decrease their production times.

Manufacturing is realized with the state-of-the-art production equipment and during manufacturing, quality is continuously monitored by the quality control laboratory equipped 3 dimensional coordinate measurement apparatus, hardness measurement apparatus and measurement devices with 1/1000 accuracy.

Gökkaya Makina have been the first in many fields in the paint industry since 1990 at which time they started supplying spare parts and providing repair services to this segment of the industry. They have manufactured one of the most important equipment in paint industry, the horizontal grinding mill, in 1992, the first machine of its kind ever built locally in Turkey, which led to a decrease in the import of this type of machines into the country in the later years. They attained this success by manufacturing at the same level of quality as the highly reputable world class manufacturers which they took as example, and by providing uninterrupted service during and after sales while at the same time following a favorable price policy. Consequently, they hold a leading position now in Turkey with their competitors following their footsteps.

They continue to manufacture first’s, thus their horizontal grinding mill was followed by fully automated tank cleaning equipment, transfer press, putty filling press, vacuum dissolver with wall scraper, sampling valve, and tank mixers without base bearing. In the first half of 2006, they have successfully completed the production of a basket mill with variable speed. They have a well trained workforce, dedicated to quality and teamwork, capable of concluding all kinds of projects successfully. The projects they have so far completed are assurances of their future achievements.

Gökkaya Makina have succeeded in expanding their customer portfolio in domestic and export markets thanks the their accomplishments and through advertisements, the internet, fairs and exhibitions. With the enlargement of their customer base, they have felt the need to separate manufacturing activities from sales and aftersales services. Mengi Makina have thus taken overthe sales and aftersales services whereas Gökkaya Makina is now focusing fully on high quality manufacturing..
In orderto be able to respond faster to the increasing number of orders, Gökkaya Makina have decided to expand their production facilities. After the second half of 2007 Gökkaya Makina have moved to its new Company with about 3000 m2 closed area in the industrial zone of Kemalpaşa in Izmir.

Gökkaya Makina have successfully served two of the biggest paint companies in Turkey in their investments. They have been cooperating with these two giant paint companies continuously since 1990.

Gökkaya Makina have established their quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and have obtained DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate. Also in 2007 and 2008 Gokkaya Makina attained the CE and ATEX certifications. Gökkaya Makina have adopted the following principles since the first day of their establishment

Quality Control

All manufactured parts are measured in our computer – equipped quality control laboratory.(Three-dimensional coordinate measurement, hardness measurement, etc.)

By request , analysis results are presented to the customer.

Cnc Production

Gokkaya machine is able to produce machine and part orders within the shortest delivery date and can provide processing of parts with 1/1000 mm accuracy by using CNC machines.

The commissioning of our new CNC vertical machining center.


Gokkaya Machine gives full importance to computer-aided project works and production processes.
The rigor in Timeliness and technical implementation has an important place in project management.